Executive Master in European Public Affairs and Communication: discover two success stories

Publié le 31.08.2018 « Toutes les actualités

One year after graduating from the EPAC programme, 90% of our alumni had found a job in prestigious institutions. Meet Elisabeth and Roberta, EPAC 17' and learn about their experience!

Elisabeth, what was your previous background before the Executive Master?

I hold a Bachelor degree in Information and Communication from the Faculté Universitaire Saint-Louis and a Master degree in Public Relations from the Catholic University of Louvain. I also had the chance to study abroad twice during my academic life (Erasmus program). I studied audiovisual communication and journalism at the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid and Marketing and Corporate Communication at the University of Gent. 

Why did you choose this specialisation ?

I decided to enroll the Executive Master in European Public Affairs and Communication in order to complete my education. After I was done with my Master, I was looking for an additional Master that could give a practical approach on how EU institutions work taking into account my academic background. The Executive Master in Communication and European Politics is very practical and the courses are often given by professionals. Those aspects really attracted me. Plus, IHECS is a well known Communication School so I knew It was going to be an added value to my CV. 

What did it bring to you to your professional life and what will you now?

The Executive Master in European Public Affairs and Communication helped me to develop a good understanding on the functioning of the European Union which I consider essential nowadays. Thanks to this Master I found a great 6 months internship at POLITICO that I hope to have the opportunity to continue within a payed contract. I really think this Master was an added value to my education and future career. I really recommend it. 

Roberta, what was your previous background before the Executive Master? 

I graduated in Communication Science at the Sapienza University in Rome and, after taking a course in videoreportage, I started working as a journalist/ videoreporter in Rome for many years following all the main political and social events, filming, interviewing, writing the article and editing the videos. After my experience in Rome I travelled in Usa and Canada. In U.S. I worked at the documentary Americal Golem, aired in the Italian channel RAI 3, about the foreclosure crisis happening in the San Francisco Bay Area after the economic collapse. In Toronto I worked as a communication assistant in an Audiologist company. 

Why did you choose this specialization ? 

I have chosen the executive Master because I wanted to have a broader knowledge of the European Union policies and I wanted to improve my communication expertise.

I was looking for a practical approach in communication and I was happy about the fact that the courses were given by experts from the professional world of Brussels.

What did it bring to you to your professional life and what will you now? 

The Master brought me a deeper knowledge of the European policies and a better understanding of how the european communication works. 

It also gave me the chance to improve my communication practical skills. Now I work as a communication officers at VOICE, a network that represents NGOs working in Humanitarian Aid. 

Registrations for the Executive Master in European Politics and Communication are open until the 25th of September 2018. For more informations about the programme and the application procedure, contact Laura Leprêtre, coordinator of the Executive Master.