Davide Pernice

Born and raised in Rome, Italy. He studied music and philosophy extensively, before graduating in Politics and International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Moreover, he studied negotiation and mediation at the Harvard School of Law, and international conflict resolution in Britain. At the age of 23, he starts working as political officer in the Italian Deputies' Chamber, with responsibilities linked to the parliamentary work of the presidency. After diverse experiences in Brussels and later Stockholm, in 2002 he moves back to Rome, where he focuses on lobbying and multiparty negotiations for the private sector. In July 2004, he resigns and takes office in the European Parliament as the assistant of the President of the Italian Delegation in the Socialist Group. From that moment on, he has closely followed several relevant parliamentary dossiers.

Since then, he has specialized in the external dimension of the EU, with a specific focus on the Israeli-Palestinian scenario and the larger Middle East. Davide writes on several Italian and foreign periodicals, where he deals about the Common Foreign and Security Policy, EU’s conflict management role in crisis areas, and EU’s role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.