Erik Akse

Erik Akse is a specialist in EU decision-making and Better Regulation. He focuses on the possibilities that stakeholders have at their disposal to get involved in the earliest phases of EU decision-making. In 2013, Erik published his book 'Influencing the Preparation of EU Legislation: A Practical Guide to Working with Impact Assessments'. This was followed by ‘How the EU Institutions Work and How to Work with the EU Institutions’ in 2015, which Erik edited together with Alan Hardacre. In 2015, Erik co-founded the Impact Assessment Institute with Simon Godwin with the primary aim to improve the quality of decision-making in the European Union. He regularly provides trainings on a variety of topics related to EU decision-making. He regularly works for international organisations on improving policy development in emerging countries. For example, Erik advises the Government of Kosovo on building an Impact Assessment system.