Advocacy campaign aimed at the Council

Advocacy campaign aimed at the Council

This module will tackle fundamental issues of the decision-making process within the Council and its key players.


Perfectionnement Perfectionnement

  • To follow the legislative and lobbying process; 
  • To understand where the power resides and identify the key contacts; 
  • To understand the rules of a negotiation.
  • How do the co-legislators find an agreement?;
  • The role of the Presidency;
  • The preparatory bodies: how do they work?;
  • What happens outside the formal discussions: a lot!;
  • Permanent Representations as lobbyists: external and internal lobbying;
  • Influence of business organisations & NGOs: national and European lobbying;
  • Who’s and what’s key in the decision-making process;
  • The “dos and don’ts” in a negotiation;
  • How and why does the content of a text evolve?;
  • The surface/the substance: what is hiding behind a text?;
  • The bigger picture/the technicalities;
  • Practical exercises;
  • Compromises of compromises: is the text still understandable/ efficient?;
  • A game where everyone wins -or no one loses?;
  • Measuring impact.
  • Non-profit organisations : NGOs, CSOs, professional bodies, etc.
  • Non-profit institutions: local and regional representation offices, public entities, research and academic institutions, etc.

270 euros

This module can also be followed as part of the European non-profit advocacy and negotiation diploma.


9 hours spread over three evenings, from 18:00 to 21:00


To be defined 


IHECS Academy

27 rue des Grands Carmes

1000 Bruxelles

Eric Van den Abeele
Eric Van den Abeele Conseiller @ Représentation permanente Belgique auprès de UE