Advocacy campaign aimed at the European Commission

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Advocacy campaign aimed at the European Commission

This module provides you with a key understanding of the Post-Lisbon European Commission internal decision-making process and of its impact on advocacy methods.


Perfectionnement Perfectionnement

  • To grasp the evolution of the EC internal decision-making process;
  • To understand the mechanisms of reshaped comitology;
  • To undertake an advocacy campaign at the right time.
  • The Juncker Commission and its political priorities;
  • Commission internal decision making;
  • Comitology reloaded;
  • How does the Commission operate and how to approach the Commission?
  • Case studies.
  • Non-profit organisations : NGOs, CSOs, professional bodies, etc.
  • Non-profit institutions: local and regional representation offices, public entities, research and academic institutions, etc.

180 euros


6 hours spread over 2 evenings, from 18:00 to 21:00

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IHECS Academy

27 rue des Grands Carmes 

1000 Brussels

Michael Kaeding
Michael Kaeding ‎Professor for European Union Politics @ University of Duisburg