Discover Europe from the inside

Come to the EU and see it like you've never seen it before!

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Discover Europe from the inside

Every day, our lives and many decisions we make are affected by the Europe we live in. What we eat, where we go, how we dress, what we buy, what we talk about or not talk about, where we work often have a relationship to the fact that we are Europeans.

IHECS Academy is a nonprofit training center based in Brussels, the EU capital. We offer a tailored program to universities and schools that are looking for a course that blends theoretical sessions with visits of European institutions and meetings with those who make the EU a reality day after day.


Initiation Initiation

  • Discover the European institutions from the EU capital and meet their representatives
  • Learn about European history and the decision-making process
  • Discover how European citizens can become involved in the making of the EU
  • Report about Europe by writing compelling stories
  • Visit the capital of the EU, Brussels and meet people who've decided to live here

"The EU should play an important role in journalism training today. With IHECS Academy we have found the University partner who has all the connections and access to the EU and its organizations. Also IHECS Academy provides a wide range of lecturers from the field. Students receive all necessary information about how the EU communicates with journalists and how journalists include the EU in their work."
(Prof. Dr. Roland Schröder, BiTS Hamburg, Germany)

Contact Delphine Reuter for prices and to discuss the program you’d like to see. 

This can for example consist of 5 days for a class of 20 communication students from Germany who learn about decision-making processes, the agenda of the new Commission and Parliament, meetings with Brussels-based journalists, visits of media centers and the permanent representation of their region, Q&A with known NGOs to learn about their work in advocacy, and tips from young professionals living and working in Brussels.

IHECS Academy can also organize sessions for students to make a practical assignment in Brussels, with dedicated courses about where to find relevant sources, when and how to find information, how to approach people, and how to write.

"The program put on by IHECS Academy was absolutely wonderful! It was a perfect mix of educational activities and fun. Everyone at IHECS Academy was incredibly friendly and we all learned so much about the culture, history, and business practices in Brussels. Our guide Delphine Reuter was so knowledgeable and helpful. She truly packed in some great experiences for all the students. I hope to bring another group of students back again soon."
(Andrea Bard, Coordinator of Communication Major, Southern New Hampshire University, USA)

IHECS Academy can arrange multiple events that will give you a real taste of Belgian culture: chocolate and beer tasting, sightseeing, typical dinner, etc.

Contact Delphine Reuter for more detail and to discuss the program you’d like.

For example: 7 days for a group of 15 American journalism students to discover Brussels and Belgium, with participation to the Carnival of Binche, classes with IHECS students, visit of Bruges, etc.

See you soon in Brussels! Au revoir!


Students between 18 and 25 years old.


Contact us to discuss the programme and the price.

Delphine Reuter, Project manager


IHECS Academy, Rue des Grands Carmes 27, 1000 Brussels

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