EU Negociation skills for public advocacy professionals

In partnership with the Center for European Negotiation and Decision-Making (CENAD)

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EU Negociation skills for public advocacy professionals

This highly practical and participatory seminar presents negotiation processes of different sorts, bilateral, multilateral, formal or informal, valid for advocacy professionals. 



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  • To better identify strategies and tactics available to negotiators;
  • To appreciate the potential relevant to bilateral and multi-stakeholder meetings;
  • To improve efficiency of process management in handling complex substantive issues;
  • To appreciate the fundamental importance of (hidden) agendas and structured meetings; § prepare, coordinate and operate efficiently in institutional settings; § learn to structure “informality”.

It is a “practical immersion” programme, designed to be progressive in terms of difficulty and comprehensive in terms of various negotiating fora encountered in European negotiation contexts and their institutional frameworks. The teaching methodology is “learning by doing”, highly practical and participatory with a mix of presentations, simulation exercises and personalized debriefings. Video recording and analysis will be central to this training activity. 

  • Understanding Negotiation and its Components so as to Manage the Process 
  • Creating Value in Apparently Fixed-Sum Situations
  • Dealing with Informality and “Lobbying”
  • Reducing the complexity of multilateral negotiation 
  • Simulation exercices
  • Debriefing: Discussion and tactical analysis 
  • Debriefing: Video analysis and personalized feedback

This seminar will explore in depth the following themes relevant to negotiating in/around EU environments:

  • constraints, power and potential;
  • process and substance: values in each;
  • communication in meeting/negotiation situations;
  • preparing for negotiation : a methodology;
  • human resources – giving yourself a fighting chance.       
  • Non-profit organisations : NGOs, CSOs, professional bodies, etc.
  • Non-profit institutions: local and regional representation offices, public entities, research and academic institutions, etc.

435 euros


16,5  hours spread over 2 evenings from 18:00 to 22:00 and 1 day from 9:00 to 17:30


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Robert Weibel
Robert Weibel Founding Executive Director @ CENAD
Jonathan  Weibel
Jonathan Weibel Program director & trainer @ CENAD

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