European parliamentary advocacy

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European parliamentary advocacy

The European Parliament is the home of EU democracy, but its numerous actors, channels and customs can be tricky to navigate and track. This module will equip you with the comprehensive knowledge and practical intelligence to design, carry out and evaluate your advocacy with those working in the European Parliament.


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  • To learn about the role and structure of the Parliament and parliamentarians;
  • To make sensible decisions about parliamentary lobbying, including whether to do it, when, and what for;
  • To identify which decision-makers should be approached;
  • To learn about different approaches used to convince decision-makers, their advantage and their drawbacks, and come up with innovative methods;
  • To learn how and when to measure the impact of parliamentary advocacy;
  • To become more efficient by adapting advocacy when needed;
  • To build relationships of trust with decision-makers and their staff.
  • Roles and powers of the Parliament;
  • The global picture for parliamentary lobbying;
  • Mapping: targeting the right people, grading their interest and influence;
  • Design advocacy approaches based on what's at stake, desired outcomes and priorities;
  • Different modes of engagement;
  • What impact is, isn’t and measuring it: immediate, mid-term and long-term impact, collateral advocacy and indirect benefits.
  • Non-profit organisations : NGOs, CSOs, professional bodies, etc.
  • Non-profit institutions: local and regional representation offices, public entities, research and academic institutions, etc.

270 euros


This module can also be followed as part of the European non-profit advocacy and negotiation diploma.


9 hours spread over three evenings (from 18:00 to 21:00)


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IHECS Academy

Rue des Grands Carmes 27

1000 Brussels

Bruno Selun
Bruno Selun Consultant European politics @ Kumquat Consult