Public speaking

Taking the floor with confidence

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Public speaking

Speaking in public is often necessary. But for many, it is a dreaded exercise. However, there are basic techniques, fairly easy to master, which can help improve your performance in front of the audience.


Perfectionnement Perfectionnement

  • To prepare an effective and powerful presentation that enhances your professional image;
  • To communicate a clear message in an interesting and lively manner;
  • To plan and structure your presentation for maximum impact;
  • To respond appropriately to difficult or awkward questions;
  • To deal with a difficult or hostile audience;
  • To improve your ability to control speaking stress;
  • To prepare and use effective visual aids to support their presentation;
  • To learn key tips for impromptu speaking and improvisation.
  • Analysing the audience;
  • Preparing the speech using outlining and mind-mapping;
  • Effective body-language;
  • Anticipating and preparing for difficult questions;
  • Techniques for dealing with a hostile audience;
  • Techniques for motivating and involving the audience;
  • Design and use of visual aids;
  • Personal checklist to continue improving public speaking skill.

This module can also be followed as part of the diploma in European non-profit communication 

  • Non-profit organisations : NGOs, CSOs, professional bodies, etc.
  • Non-profit institutions: local and regional representation offices, public entities, research and academic institutions, etc.

270 euros


9 hours spread over 3 evenings from 18:00 to 21:00


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IHECS Academy

27 rue des Grands Carmes 

1000 Brussels

Laurent Verrellen
Laurent Verrellen Consultant et coach @ Laurent Verrellen consulting

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This module can also be followed as part of the diploma in European non-profit communication