Running effective meetings

Make meetings become interesting, productive and efficient moments

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Running effective meetings

Tens of millions of working meetings are held daily throughout the world. Surveys show that on average at least 50% of meeting time is lost. Equivalent to several days per month!

However, this need not always be the case... What makes a meeting effective and even enjoyable?



Perfectionnement Perfectionnement

  • Review the concept of what a meeting is (and what it is not!)
  • Master different kinds of meetings and make they contribute to the functioning of an organization
  • Bring personal advice, effective tips and responsive teaching to participants
  • Help heal all those who suffer from meeting overdose and fatigue
  • Make meetings become interesting, productive and efficient moments.

The content is inspired by cognitive science, emotional and social intelligence.

  • Nature

Discussion, brainstorming, questioning, presentation of opinions, search for solutions, streamlining of ideas, negotiation, decision-making, feedback, evaluation, assessment ... At what stage of the process is this meeting held?

  • Organisation 

Preparation for a meeting. As an organizer, as a participant. Avoid wasting time and energy. The agenda. Purpose of the meeting. Location. Set the rules. Structure. Time. Sitting plan. Role of President. Minutes and reports ...

"Why a meeting while an email is so easy, asks Tim? " We will calculate the potential value-added of a meeting.

  • Communication 

The different types of languages ​​around the table. Is it true that words account for only 7%?? Let’s analyze the components of communication and use them all! To better understand and convince. What is proxemics? Why is eye contact so important in a meeting? ...

  • Management 

How to manage a discussion. But also the conflicts that sometimes arise. Explore the possibilities offered by non-violent communication. Let's get down to facts. And dare to say our feelings. Let us establish a joint project with the agreement of all parties for the good of the entity. Live in assertiveness. Dare to say “no”. Let’s set the rules of the game


Training methodology

A minimum of theory, a maximum of exercises, role plays and simulations which are as close as possible to the professional reality of the participants. Some simulations will be filmed and analyzed. Tailor-made debriefings and presentation of effective and easily usable best practices. Our approach is user-friendly, focused on the positive and personal wealth of every member of the group, beyond preconceived ideas.

The training requires no prior knowledge. It is adaptable to all audiences.
The four interchangeable modules that make up the program have been provided, together or separately, in associations, banks, private corporations, SME’s and diplomatic/european/international circles



525 euros 

475 euros Individuals and Nonprofit


21 hours spread over 3 days


On demand


IHECS Academy

27 rue des Grands Carmes

1000 Brussels

Laurent Verrellen
Laurent Verrellen Consultant et coach @ Laurent Verrellen consulting

Type de certification

Une attestation de fréquentation ou de réussite. Délivrée pour des sessions courtes ou des séminaires, attestant d'un engagement ou d'une participation active.