The European communication strategy I (for non-profit) - December 2017

The keys to a successfull communication campaign at European level - Part 1/2

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The European communication strategy I (for non-profit) - December 2017

The European strategic communication plan is essential for an effective campaign and an effective organisation. This course will help you develop, implement and assess your European communication plan. You will learn how to build strong links between European, national and local levels, how to harness resources to drive change, and how to integrate evidence, creativity and ethics. 


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  • Develop a communication strategy and define a communication plan adapted to objectives and target audiences;
  • Activate decentralised networks;

  • Evaluate the impact of the communication strategy by using measurement and assessment tools;
  • Defining the communication strategy:positioning and tasks of the communication leader; diagnosis and analysis of the mechanisms in place or to be developed; defining the communication strategy.
  • Conception, implementation and steering the communication:drawing up the communication plan; proposing a Mission Statement in light of the organisation’s overall policy; mastering communication concepts, techniques and tools; determining, prioritising and quantifying communication objectives; identifying and prioritising target audiences and messages; evidence, creativity and ethics; identifying information and communication tools and channels to include in the strategy, networking, implementation and steering.
  • Evaluation of the communication plan: tools; indicators, analysis methods; measuring impact.

The courses European communication strategy I and European communication strategy II are designed as complementary modules. We recommend participants to register for both.


 Nonprofit organisations and institutions


180 euros


6 hours spread over 2 evenings


Thursday 12 October 2017 from 6 pm to 9 pm

Tuesday 17 October 2017 from 6 pm to 9 pm 

 IHECS Academy

27 rue des Grands Carmes

1000 Brussels

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This course can also be followed as part of the European non-profit communication diploma