The European communication strategy II (for non-profit) - December 2017

The keys to a successfull communication campaign at European level -Part 2/2

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The European communication strategy II  (for non-profit) - December 2017

The European communication strategy II goes deeper into three key aspects of the European communication plan. This module focuses on three components that can make or break a successful European communication strategy. You will learn how to develop winning messages. You will gain key insights into member communication to build organisational coherence.  You will finally understand the mechanics of coalition building. 

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  • Designing messages that are clear, compelling and coherent;
  • Building coalitions that are nimble and effective;
  • Reaching out to member organisations to create a two way information flow.
  • Message development
  • Principles that underpin messages
  • The message as a call to action
  • Translating messages into slogans
  • Coalition building
  • Principles of coalition building
  • Identifying unifying actions
  • Keeping the peace and the passion
  • Member engagement
  • Principles for member engagement
  • Communication tools and channels
  • Building synergies and two-way flow


The courses European communication strategy I and European communication strategy II are designed as complementary modules. We recommend participants to register for both.

 Nonprofit organisations and institutions


180 euros


6 hours spread over 2 evenings


Thursday 7 December 2017 from 6 pm to 9 pm

Tuesday 12 December 2017 from 6 pm to 9 pm


IHECS Academy

27 rue des Grands Carmes

1000 Brussels

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This course can also be followed as part of the European non-profit communication diploma